BCBC 2019 Presentations

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Keynote Speaker

Chris Seidl, Executive Director Telecommunications - CRTC


Connectivity and Connected Communities BC

Susan Stanford, ADM, Information Communication Technologies (ICT) Division, Ministry of Citizens’ Services

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Connectivity and Connected Communities BC

Howard Randell, Executive Director, NetworkBC, Ministry of Citizens’ Services


De-Mystifying Artificial Intelligence in the CX space

Jim Radzicki, TELUS International



Elevating the Customer Experience: Best Practices from around North America

Pam Ferguson, AVP Product Marketing Cloud and Premises - CALIX 12

The Next Level Of Customer Experience - Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty

Elya McCleave, Founder of Elya McCleave Consulting and Innovorg


Annual Legal and Regulatory Update

Chris Allen, President - ABC Communications


Annual Legal and Regulatory Update

Christian Tacit, Barrister & Solicitor

ISED Canada Radio Spectrum Management Update

Michael Fu, Regional Director Western Region - ISED Canada


Why and How to Peer at VANIX

Tom Samplonius, VP of Technology - Urban Communications


Exhibitor Blitz

5-Minute Product Presentation from 6 of our Exhibitors

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Dinner Speaker

Mark Buell, Regional Bureau Director -North America - Internet Society


Connected Coast Project – Collaboration and Update

Donovan Dias, VP Sales & Project Management–CityWest



Connected Coast Project – Collaboration and Update

Victoria Smith, Manager -Strategic Initiatives Strathcona Regional District

Fibre Optic Valuation for Assessment Purposes

Barton Bourassa, Senior Appraiser – BC Assessment


WI$P Business Requirements, Wireless NW and RAN Evolution

Bing Wu, Director of Product and Solution – Huawei Canada


Connecting the Future “Using self-organizing mmWave to deliver 5G services

Jonathan Brady, Sales Director - Cambridge Communications Systems


Cyber Security: A Multi-Player Co-op

Colin Belcourt, Director - Risk Mitigation Programs – Canadian Centre for Cyber Security


The Challenge! Build Gigabit Fibre Network in Rural BC

Tim Ryan, Board of Director –Kaslo Infonet Society and BCBA


Network Security & Ownership Autonomy for SMEs

Nader Kashani , Founder of Solimedia Technology Inc.


Advances in Underground Construction Methodologies

Scott Grant, VP-Global Sales - LiteAccess Technologies


An Introduction to How Spectrum Auctions Work

Brenda Bouchette P. Eng. - ABC Communications